CSA- Community Supported Agriculture- Vegetable Shares for 2016

Why join Rolling Prairie Acres CSA?
~  Learn how to use your offerings.
~  Eat healthier, smarter, greener and tastier!
~  More health value in fresh food picked when ripe.
~ Support a local family, teaching children the love for the land, cultivation practices and diversification.
~  Keep your food bill under control, very affordable  at $10/week with a long season.
~   Get first dibs on the extras- Strawberries, Raspberries, tomatoes, etc. when available for discounted price.
~ Offerings that are not even available to the public.
~ We accept your EBT card and have a payment plan.
~ Your money stays right here in Sigourney.
~ You stop at your convenience during the allotted pick up hours.  No more rushing to Farmer’s Market.

~ The best food is locally grown right here for you~ sustainably, naturally and organically!

1/2 share and Full Shares available for 2016, See contract for details!

What do we grow to fill your basket!
Each week you will receive a “share” of what is in season.   You are also often offered extras that you may try and always a fresh selection of herbs.  These items are not forced on you or divvied into your share.  Be sure to pause and enjoy trying new things. 
We pledge to keep you in tomatoes for at least 13 weeks!
We strive for green beans continual from July through frost.
We offer berries for the majority of weeks and tree fruit in the fall.
We give you ample allium family, as we use them as part of our companion planting for pest control.
We pride our self on growing greens for your good health and salad and lettuce half of the season or more.
We do not grow sweet corn, sorry!

Here’s a list, scan through~
Spinach             Radish               Green Garlic             Lettuce              Strawberries      Sugar/Snow peas           Cucumbers                Onions Kohlrabi          Cabbage              Broccoli       Kale           Cauliflower                             Collards        Mustard greens            Raspberries               Blackberries
Salad greens    Tomatoes        Peppers   Eggplant      Melons                    Summer Squash     Rutabagas                       Carrots                    Celery
Celeriac   Potatoes         Green beans          Beets         Garlic                     Apples          Pears

As well as oodles of fresh herbs, greens and other surprises along the way!

Rolling Prairie Acres -2016 CSA Contract – Sigourney

                                                             708 Ringgold St. Sigourney, IA 52591

I understand that Rolling Prairie Acres Farm (RPA) will do the best that they can to grow an abundance of produce for 24 weeks in 2016.  I realize that their number one job is to raise their three children.  Growing my food by sustainable means is very important to the family and I can be assured that only OMRI (Organic) approved products will be used in growing my fruits & veggies.  Also, I trust that they are spending plenty of time and love tending my food.

I am aware that Rolling Prairie Acres Farm cannot always supply all of my families fresh food needs on every given week and that I may need to purchase food from other sources at times.  Also, there may be times when there may be a few “extras” available from RPA. (Berries, Tomatoes, Etc.).  These will be offered on a first come, first served basis to all patrons.  I understand that this CSA experience is a very simple “no frills” approach to local eating. I understand that I am entitled to a share of items produced.  I may not “trade” for items that I would rather have. I will either take it or leave it.  This is not an order service.  I am happy to help keep this family farming!

  I am responsible for bringing back my CLEAN containers and boxes to keep my costs low.  If I need to miss a pick up, I will find and train a surrogate or simply forfeit my week.  I agree to all of the following and have paid my $25 deposit to hold my/ our share. If you want to split a share with another party, it will be your responsibility to split the share on pickup day. We only package the ½ and full shares.


Season Run from April 26th - October 1st  

Entire share fee is due   May 25st


Check our web site for more details and information  www.rolingprairieacres.blogspot.com


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Half share (1-2 folks) $310.00 Full share (3-4 folks) $470.00 

_____________________________Cut and Return ______________________________

Half share (1-2 folks) $310.00                           Full share  (2-4 folks) $470.00








Email address_________________________________________________________________

I have read and understand all of the above information and am aware of the variety of produce that I anticipate and will be receiving.  I understand that there may be unforeseen events ahead that may prevent all crops to be produced in the desired quality and quantity (climactic, natural disaster, human concerns, etc.).  I am happy with what I will be receiving knowing that Rolling Prairie Acres will be doing their very best to grow for me.  

With this all said I sign below:


Enclosed is my $25 to hold my spot.  I understand that I may make payments at any time.  My balance is due May 25th.  Thank you for your support of local, organic produce!   Doug & Tanya Webster